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Anhui Sanhe ancient town -- a day AAAA
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     Three rivers is located in Chaohu coast, is located in Hefei, Lu'an, Chaohu city at the junction of three, is located in Anhui, the provincial capital Hefei to Mount Huangshan, Mount Jiuhua tourism gold line, 35 km away from Hefei, due to ring the town and hold the Fengle River, Hangbu river flow through the town with a small Nanhe be made one named. The town in five The Strip, ancient building cornice and rake wall, a richly ornamented building, the Qing Shiban road smooth clear, witnessing the Sanhe experienced the harships years; outside the town, rivers and lakes around, rice flower fragrance, blue skies, the scenery of one faction ", 'spring' town in Anhui river, beautiful scenery, the formation" the "unique landscape, in the outer ring on both sides along three continents".

    Rivers is a 2500 years of ancient town, known as "magpie Houzhu", is the national civilized villages and towns, Chinese history and culture of the town, the construction of small towns on the town, Anhui province best tourist town, Anhui Province, a beautiful environment Town, Hefei City, one of the "new sites".

    Sanhe ancient town: the representative of ancient town

    Sanhe Town, the town water features. From the water, the spirit in water, to live in the water, and put in the water, the water is the soul of rivers. 2900 meters of small Nanhe river through the town, flowing, clear bottomed out, the ancient bridge across the river, the water rippling river cruise, weeping willow brush, shore is ancient Huizhou architecture group and 100 shop is ancient street, the front door shop, wharf, according to the river water, River Street, and now a modern "Riverside Scene at Qingming festival".

    Sanhe Town to town water features, forming a unique "Jianghuai area eight ancient" landscape. Since ancient times, ancient river, flowing from ancient to today; there is a stone bridge ancient river, connecting the memory and dream; walking into the old Wei, let us feel the original natural scenery; quartzite on the streets, retains the historical block de texture; ancient dwellings Qiaojiao cornices, carved beams and painted houses, form rare in the late Qing Dynasty buildings; the ancient tea house in DI water, featuring the essence of Sanhe food culture; Temple Station was very prosperous, filled with the vicissitudes of clouds; the Taiping army left the two sections of the wall, gave us the ancient battlefield of the war. In short, three rivers and eight ancient, evidence and interpretation of the Sanhe ancient, added to Cuba on friends and fun for visitors today.

    Sanhe ancient town tourism history and culture

    Sanhe Town now has 2500 years of history, the ancient land thoroughfare, vessel convergence, Department of transportation, merchants gathered, is very prosperous, had settled in 1949, the population of 56000, known as the middle commercial corridor, is a typical China town. The twenty-first Century Sanhe is to create new brilliance, twenty-first Century three river tourism development and the wings. Open, harmonious, beautiful, magical Sanhe development, rich in tourism resources, tourism industry be richly endowed by nature, change rapidly.

    Sanhe Town determine tourism industry as the "leading industry in the economic fifteen" period, in accordance with the "high starting point, new ideas, generous, create first-class" requirements, adhere to a high starting point plan, the three rivers into Hefei tourism economic circle; construction of a high standard, to create "Hefei top, Anhui boutique" tourism products; optimize the tourism environment, to build the most suitable for human living in Sanhe Town; and expansion of the tourism industry, the tourism industry has become a pillar of Sanhe economic development, and strive to create "ecological economy strong town, new town, the history of the town of" Tourism town image.

    At the turn of the century, millennium, reform and opening up Sanhe needs to understand the world, the world also needs to understand the three rivers. Sanhe hospitable people, treasure friendship, desire for friends at home and abroad to Sanhe tourism, investment, and share the joy of Sanhe economic development.

    Non material cultural heritage, as a China opera opera, popular in Jianghuai area. Three rivers is the birthplace of the first opera, Opera repertoire -- "the little shop" comes from the three rivers, has folk are still spread "occurred in the little shop" lingering pure love story.

    Three rivers rich and colorful folk culture, embodies the integration, China of North and South culture has, during the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, the folk is still playing the dragon, Han Chuan spontaneous held downtown, mussel dance, Dragon Boat Festival, people make dumplings, Dragon Boat Festival is still playing; playing the torch; Marriage marry, still lift palanquin, please "good play", kept the unsophisticated folkway.

   Sanhe ancient town in Anhui cuisine diet, as the basis, into 100 cuisine, is a wonderful work, China diet be well-known, far and near, the traditional feast - "eight eight seats", "eight four seats", all transfer long food culture, "three rivers and crisp duck", "Rice noodles shrimp", "tofu noodles fish soup" and other dishes all show the water village charm, "three rivers and millet dumplings", "Three Rivers" and the "horseshoe Crisp" let you lead a person to endless aftertastes, there are three rivers dried bean curd, Sanhe rice wine, arts and crafts Sanhe feather fan more let a person indulge in pleasures without stop. So far, still preserved Ming and Qing Dynasties folk "ten not": "a reluctant Sanhe Street world, two reluctant River wash rice and vegetables......"

    Visit the three rivers, watch is the scenery, feeling it is thick history and culture; three, the Pearl in the Chaohu coast bright, "town" unique charm, Xiao Ying Quartet guests.

    Wood has thought, Hefei unexpectedly also has such a secluded spot ah, with close friend City BUS weekend ride to the South Gate of Hefei transfer center, bought a 12 yuan votes short, rickety, pass by rape, pass by the Pearl Plaza, pass by the country, after an hour, the old waist should Britain scattered away oh. But compared to the weekend in

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