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Tai Po town line
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    Tai Po many rivers, in ancient times the traffic underdeveloped condition, water is a good choice. So the river edge, a small town, town of potential construction. Mei Tan River Chuan Wan City, Tingjiang River, Hanjiang River starting Cha Yang Town Sanhe City, in the complete history trade, military mission, left today is the vicissitudes of the monuments...... "Hakka Shangri-La" draw a thick patina.

    Cha Yang Town, Feng Xi Forest Park to midway in Dapu county. This city has a history of thousands of years of the ancient town, once as Tai Po old town 400 years. Zhang Xi River, Ting Jiang, Tai Ning Xi. The town is divided into several pieces, rather Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes, and attracted me the most is the tea Yang arcade group.

    Cha Yang arcade and Guangzhou and other places home arcade biggest difference is that it combines the hard top roof and gray tiles and other elements of Hakka architectural culture of Hakka culture, become the arcade.

According to local residents said that tea Yang arcade group made up of 7 streets, more than 1 km long. Stone road, Ming and Qing style arcade colonnade, European style windows, the old telegraph office, theater, inn signs, tin, a barber, selling a kerosene lamp, wind stove, hoe, chairs, pots and other old grocery shop, without allowing the arcaded streets filled with the thick smell of old commercial...... Wandering in the streets, one not careful, thought back to the era of the Republic of China.

    In a grocery store, I accidentally discovered a number of pottery tea set, workmanship is very rough, asked the owner is known only by the local production of purple clay. The price is cheap, teapot, teacup a block ten block. Pick a half day, and then pleased with oneself.

    Wandering in the Ting River side arcade street, I suddenly found a magnificent five storey arcade, called "spin Lu", "door inscribed with the spin to the fields, Lu node riverside" poetic couplet, building name "Xuan Lu" as the KMT elder, first president of Zhongshan University Zou Lu problem. I think, this is that when a high building. Curiosity, knock is, indeed, the original owner is China alliance member, Malaysia Chinese businessman early.

Quietly listen to the sound, the noise from the flat and, suddenly feeling, a time of national peace and order, the bustling streets, remarkable from this lively.

    Beside the old tea Yang town government, the national key cultural relics protection units "and scholars" arch of hundreds of years so quietly watching the days afloat. Ming Jiajing, Yang Wanli, tea scholar Rao and his son Rao and age have been admitted into scholar, temporary pass for the imperial court in the story, Ming Wanli thirty-eight years for recognition of Rao and his son, special decree made a "father and son" "stone arch. Church decorated with "Ssangyong Tengyun", "Shuang", "Shuang Long take the title" pattern, feeling generous and beautiful.


    Behind it is tea Yang school, here has become a school outside the door. These modern scholars who, import from this church daily, whether make their school spirit?

    From the point of view of the tea Yang, Shun Tingjiang, Mei Tanhe, Meijiang Sanhe intersection into Hanjiang River is located -- Sanhe town. Meijiang, Ting Jiang, Mei Tanhe on the bus into the Han River, forming a spectacular scenery Sanjiang confluence. Bamboo whistle, Hongqiao Fei Ge, the Millennium town Sanhe dam with grow more enchanting.

    The starting point on the east coast of Hanjiang river. During a visit to the eight one "rebel three Heba Campaign Memorial Park Campaign Memorial Hall three Heba battle" sand table and rise in revolt Nanchang City "," the bloody three dam "," to join Jinggangshan "three exhibition halls, we came to the memorial park on the edge of the magnificent landscape, overlooking the confluence of three rivers, ears sounded like rebels fighting horn......

    The car passed across the Ting River Zhu De Memorial Bridge, a short while, but also by the Zhongshan bridge across Meijiang, Hanjiang River West Bank came to the starting point.

    Three river Zhongshan memorial hall is the earliest built Zhongshan Memorial hall. According to the guide introduced, Sanhe Zhongshan memorial hall was built in 1929, is the earliest built Zhongshan memorial hall, located in Zhongshan Park. The bamboo tree flowers, green onion TuYan, elegant environment. The first floor hall of Jiang Jieshi memorial book "admire father," Lin Sen book "as a gentleman as teacher", and Mr Sun Zhongshan's calligraphy stele "fraternity" two characters, though the calendar years, is still clearly visible.

    Around the lotus pool Pavilion, pavilion erected "Sanhe Zhongshan Memorial Hall" stone attracted me. Come near, the detailed records of the Zhongshan memorial hall, Zhongshan Park construction reason and experience. In the "prime minister, struggling for life, but for the state and the people, in this hall for the memorial, the teacher and the patriotic Chi Yu" of the sentence, it is not register profound respect.

    A few steps away from the Zhongshan Park to the South Gate of foot, Sanhe town. The town is very small, less than one square kilometers. I think, this seat and the cha Yang son Jinshi church at the same time it is the smallest town China city. Go on the head, saw the ancient houses and orderly, outside the city is the old streets winding stretch, not far from the Han Jiangyuan logo Hakka mother stone statue of Han Jiangbian stand as firm as a rock. The ancient city wall brick stroked 440 years ago, as if recounting the three Heba very unusual story: here, the inspection division, Qing government established Raoping Zong Bing house, the commander in chief of Department of Guangdong army set, Wu Liuqi, Chen Jiongming, a hero in the garrison, Sun Zhongshan, Zhu De and a great man to stay here......

    Today's dinner, is to eat on board, Hanjiang River on the edge of the restaurant located in fixed a few boat floating restaurant, only to find fish, shrimp, sweet night

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