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Preferential measure for ticket in sanhe ancient town
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Free ticket:

Those who hold the following effective certificate can enter the 5 government scenic spots (memorial hall of dong yanchu, tongxinglong residence of the Liu family, former residence of Yang zhenning, former residence of Sun liren and crane house) for free:

1. tourist certificate or captain certificate issued by national tourism administration

2.retired veteran cadre certificate issued by the state council and military commission of the CPC central committee

3.certificate of disability issued by china disabled federation

4.children under 1.2m

5.people older than 70 with identity card

6.officer on the active list with officer identity card

7.journalist certificate issued by COI

8. travel manager qualification issued by national tourism administration


Preferential measures:

Half price ticket available with the following effective certificate:

1.student ID

2.60-70 year old people with identity card

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