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The traditional dietary culture of Sanhe Town had time honored history. It took the advantage of southern and northern cuisines, collecting the achievements of Anhui cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine to develop its own distinctive flavor. It is favored by tourists for its pleasant taste, mellow flavor and reasonable price, providing both upscale dishes and ordinary local delicacies.Traditional banquets --”Eight main dishes plus Eight minor dishes” and “Eight main dishes plus Four minor dishes” pass down the long-standing food culture.”Sanhe Crispy dusk” “Shrimp with rice meat” “ Tofu and Fish Miso Soup “ all embody the grace of this ancient town and the Sanhe bean curd,Sanhe rice wine as well as its fine handicrafts-Sanhe Feather Fan would make you linger over. By far, the ballad---”10 attachments”passed down from Ming or Qing dynasties is still sung by people in the praise of Sanhe’s appeal. No matter who you are, a refined scholar or a rural peasant, you are bound to fully satisfy your taste in Sanhe Town.