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Sanhe Town is 35km away from Hefei and 7km away from Chaohu,7km away from the Shu Cheng Station of Hefei-Jiu Jiang Road and with 3km to the entrance of Shu Cheng and Sanhe to Hefei-Jiezi Dun expressway. It is situated at the golden tour line of Hefei-The Yellwo Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain with convenient traffic.You are able to take the shuttle bus from Hefei to Sanhe at the Hefei bus station( depart every 10 minutes, 15RMB for per person), during about 40-minute-drive you will pass The Transferring Center at the South Gate(12RMB for per person), Pearl Square(10RMB for per person), Shang pai (8RMB for per person)