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Sanhe Town

There have been many unique buildings located on the Sanhe Street which can embody the historical features from Ming and Qing dynasties to the Republican period. And the cultural relics, old buildings, old streets and other historical heritage has been physical information to study the development history of Sanhe and the architectural history of central Anhui. When you walking one the street, you will see the white walls of the wharf, the double pitch roofs which was covered by Chinese-style tile, the painting and carving on beams and pillars, the horizontal inscribed boards that is painted in black and gilt, the octagonal lamps that is hanged on lintel and the moss that growing up everywhere in a long alley, All around you are the architecture of Huizhou Style and these will take you back to thousands years ago. The river of Sanhe is particularly beautiful and make the whole town lively. It is liquid and limpid, just like a mirror. When you look down at the river, you can see the fish was swimming in it and the inverted image of the weeping willows and clouds. You can take a small boat from Xiao Nanhe Wharf and just let the boat follow the river. At the same time, you can enjoy a nice cup of Chinese tea and appreciate the beautiful sceneries which are passed you slowly. When you come to Sanhe Town, you will forget everything of cities and just enjoy the watery scenery of small bridge, river and local residents.