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Peach Blossom Island
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    Peach Blossom Island
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·general introduction

Taohua island (Peach Blossom Island) is located at the junction of Hangbu River and Fengle River,which is a beautiful retreat away from the turmoil of the world in Sanhe ancient town.It is said that this island was the place where Huang Rong's father,Pharmacist Huan practiced his Kongfu,and he was the owner of the island.Taohua island is triangular in shape.It covers an area of 300 acres and 70 acres of it are water surfaces.There are peach orchards and grape orchards on the dams around the rock pools.9999 peach trees were planted in Taohua island.When in March and April,peaches all blossom ,and the you can see the flowers on shore are red and beautiful and the shadows of flowers are swaying in water,which is just like the sight of wonderland. Taohua island is the place where Huang Rong,the leader of Beggar gangs,grew in old days,and many of her footprints and stories were left here.Also,Taohua island was the levee breach of flood in 1991 nowadays,and it has the dam built by people in Sanhe town and soldiers.Moreover,there are two stone pavilion in this beautiful island;one is called Huang Rong pavilion and the other called Baihu pavilion.


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