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Xian Gu Lou( attic of fairy )
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    Xian Gu Lou( attic of fairy )
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·general introduction

The food industry Zhong He Xiang invested by Shi Daosheng, Peng Zhongqiao and Wang Zhiliang was created in 1898. Shi was an honest and sincere person who always offered his kind help, and he firmly believed in “The kindness would be rewarded” in Buddhism, prayed with oblation of stream of pilgrims together with his devout family through years. The owner of the leading power in San He general merchandise Jin Ju Feng and Shi attracted each other; impacted by Shi, she united varies businesses, built up a brand-new Xian Gu Lou( attic of fairy ), sculptured a gold statue, set a table to place the steam of pilgrims, burned the candles, sacrificed the dessert ,and lit the stream of pilgrims and made kowtow day and night. Sir Jin Zhuzhai was wealthy but still upset for he’s lack of a daughter. At a night of the mid autumn in 1902, he ,together together with his wife and the rest of the family , cleaned hands and dressed with neat clothes, lit the stream of pilgrims and did the pray wish to have a daughter. His wife gave birth to a baby girl named Qi Gu as expected in the following year. Since then, Xian Gu Lou had its fame spread widely, believers from towns of Shu, Tong and Lu, Hefei and Wuhu came here without end. Xian Gu Lou generally remains its original figure, the monument of < Po Xin Ji Sh > finished in 1936 still exists.


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