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Former Residence of Sun Li-jen
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    Former Residence of Sun Li-jen
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·general introduction

Sun Li-jen was born in 8th November 1900 in the Eight-Fan alley of Sanhe Town where his family has lived for generations and also himself has lived here until he went to study outside in his eight years old. The rebuilt residence is a typical one of Hui-style with two layers. The first layer represents texts and pictures which mainly introduce the life stories of Sun Li-jen including several modules such as Long walk to study, The origin of family, Rise in great vigor, Ceaseless self-improvement, Further study in America and Battle of Shanghai. Between the first and the second layer is a courtyard underground, and what display on the both sides of the courtyard are some topographic maps used by Sun Li-jen in battles. The second layer is a two-story building with its first story serving as a parlor and the upper one flavoring wooden-style distinctively.


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