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The Quintessence Building
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    The Quintessence Building
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·general introduction

It is an seven-story ancient pagoda with 37 meters high and you will have a panoramic view of the old town when you get to the top of the pagoda. Local first-class goods handed down by ancient times and almost a thousand pieces of folk art treasures are exhibited in the pagoda. Items on display are various and distinctive.The second story represents plaques in different styles from past generations; The third story shows us the “Sanhe Family”, with engraving and gilding furniture of Qing Dynasty.The official and celebrity plaques, as well as some fine stone carving are displayed on the fourth floor. On the fifth floor are mainly official plaques which are presented in government’s or department’s honor in which are normally inscribed with chops.Those plaques were given as birthday presents to revered people from government sectors.The sixth story is primarily about household articles ranging from flagons in Tang and Song dynasties to some pots made from tin. The top floor presents Buddha statue from previous dynasties.


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