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About us

·Company profile

    Feixi Sanhe Traveling Culture Co., Ltd. is relied on the Sanhe Town scenic spot. And it was set up by the People's government of Sanhe Town and Anhui Fuguang Plastic Co., Ltd. The main project of the company is to developm. scenic spots, the sales of entrance ticket,the management pleasure-boat and the local service. It was set up at 2001,and the registered of it is 1 million yuan. Now it has more than 60 employees and has five departments which are Local Service Derpartment, Security Department, Scenic Management Department, Financial Department and Propaganda department. It is the No.1 villiage and town travel service company in Hefei City

·Company Name:Feixi Sanhe Traveling Culture Co., Ltd.

·Business Address:Three Feixi County town of three Hang Road visitor center

·Official Website:http://www.三河古镇.com